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Updated: Feb 16

digital [dij-i-tl]

pertaining to, noting, or making use of computers and computerized technologies, including the internet

We are living in an increasingly digital world.

Digital activism uses social media to achieve political reform.

His blog is a great example of digital journalism.

Digital technology has revolutionized the music industry.

It's 2021, and it is more apparent than ever that Digital Marketing is the most powerful tool for any business looking to thrive, grow, sell, even exist. With 36% of all retail being attributed to online sales as of November 2020, we can truly see how important it is to make sure that we are making the most out of our online presence.

However, if you even mention the word 'digital' to a lot of people, they shudder at the minefield of complexity they're picturing in their head. After all, 'digital' is a very broad term for a wide range of things that we could be taking advantage of for our businesses. Knowing where to start can give you a headache and leave you feeling like you're not going to get anywhere unless you have a PhD in Digital Marketing.

Well, if this is you, you're in the right place. We know that Digital Marketing can be complex and we know that it's not for everyone, so we're here to help.

Let's just give you a brief explanation of what we feel are the important things to know about Getting Digital. And we'll start with...

...The Five D's of Digital Marketing

  1. Digital Devices - We're talking about any device which the target audience is using to interact with businesses, whether that be browsing the website, interacting with the social media accounts or shopping online.

  2. Digital Platforms - We need to know which platforms our target audience is more likely to use. If the people that you want to sell your product to are more likely to be using Instagram, then there's little benefit in focusing all of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn, right?

  3. Digital Media - This refers to the communications channels we use to build engagement with our potential customers, including advertising emails, search engines, social media and direct messaging.

  4. Digital Data - Our favourite. Here, we refer to any data about our target customers that could be useful to us. Think about how much easier it would be to sell a product to someone if we knew their age, their shopping habits, their interests, the other types of products they buy and services they use, than if we didn't know that information. Data is GOLD.

  5. Digital Technology - How can you build interactive experiences with your client base? Do you have an app? Does your website make it easy for the customer to get to what they want? Do you have in-store kiosks. Taking advantage of technology to make the path between interest and purchase as short as possible is a no brainer.

What aspects of digital marketing should I be using for my business?

You can ask 100 different professionals this question and get 100 different answers. Web Designers will tell you having an all-singing, all-dancing website is the key to success. Salespeople will tell you that hiring a tele-salesperson is the way to go. Influencers may even tell you that paying them to share your product on their social media profiles is the only way to do it. Well... we may be chopping our noses off to spite our faces here, but we think if you can develop a basic understanding of the following things and get them working for your business, you won't need to hire anyone at all.

  1. Social Media - Think carefully about which platforms you think will work best for your business. If you're selling a service to other businesses like administration support or Marketing services, you probably need to use LinkedIn. If you're selling homemade candles, however, LinkedIn may not be a necessity, but Instagram almost definitely will. Put yourself in your customers' shoes and think, "If I were looking for this product or service, where would I go first". Then, make sure you're there and make sure you stand out!

  2. Website - Creating a website doesn't need to be a hugely complex task. Think of it as an online leaflet. Your customers will need to know what it is you do, a bit about you and why you're doing what you're doing (this is important, show passion for your craft and the sales will speak for themselves - more on this another time) and how they can get it. So that translates to creating a website with a homepage that shows off your brand, an 'About Us' page that tells your story, a 'What We Do' page that describes your product or service and a page that allows them to purchase your product or service. This may sound like something you don't think you could ever do, but services such as Wix, Squarespace and Shopify make it easy to develop a website with little to no experience. Have a go, and don't think you can't do it before you've even tried!

  3. Customer Service - Your customers need to be able to talk to you. They need to know that their product is on its way and they need to be able to reach out to you if they have any problems. I don't know about you but there are fewer things worse than when you get bombarded with communications until you make a purchase and then when you try to contact the seller, you get radio silence. They've had what they wanted and now they don't want to deal with you. Poor customer service can ensure pretty quickly that you won't have customers returning, while excellent customer services can end with glowing reviews and recommendations to friends. Spend some time thinking about how you'd like your customers to be able to contact you, and then make sure the process is as smooth as possible, as easy to use and as effective as it can be. Your customers will thank you!

Of course, that's not all there is to Digital Services and we could go on and on about how technology can help our businesses thrive, but we believe if you have the basics covered (and covered well!) then your business will be able to make the most out of its online space.

It goes without saying, though, that nobody is an expert at everything, and while building an online brand may seem easy for some, it could be incredibly difficult for others. Alternatively, you may just not have time to run your business and build your brand online. That's where we come in. Get in touch with us for a free, informal chat about your digital needs.

Good Luck!

Team Accent

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